The sovereign debt crisis, the EU and welfare state reform

Special issue of Comparative European Politics online now:

  • A new era of European Integration? Governance of labour market and social policy since the sovereign debt crisis by Caroline de la Porte and Elke Heins
  • National social and labour market policy reforms in the shadow of EU bail-out conditionality: The cases of Greece and Portugal by Sotiria Theodoropoulou
  • From austerity to permanent strain? The EU and welfare state reform in Italy and Spain by Emmanuele Pavolini, Margarita León, Ana Guillán and Ugo Ascoli
  • Conditionality by other means: EU involvement in Italy’s structural reforms in the sovereign debt crisis by Stefano Sacchi
  • ‘Pushing against an open door’: reinforcing the neo-liberal policy paradigm in Ireland and the impact of EU intrusion by Fiona Dukelow
  • Still the sound of silence? Towards a new phase in the Europeanization of welfare state policies in France by Patrick Hassenteufel and Bruno Palier
  • A Framework for Social Investment Strategies: Integrating generational, life course, and gender perspectives in the EU social investment strategy by Jon Kvist