Life chances and wellbeing

smileyBy whom you are born, where you are born and when you are born matters for your life chances, i.e. your chances of getting an education, job, and family. Therefore our public policies can make a positive difference in a lot of people’s lives, in particular children in disadvantaged families. This was one of the points of a  talk “How Social Investments Can Improve Wellbeing” I gave at the final event “Promoting wellbeing and social quality”of GLADES – Good Lives and Decent Societies in Edinburgh, 16 June 2014. Glades is one of a handful of projects that the Scottish government support to find new ways of improving wellbeing. Glades bring NGO’s, charities, social and ecological entrepreneurs together to formulate new visions and ways for Scotland that will hopefully increase life chances and wellbeing for current and coming generations of Scots – that makes me glad:)