NICE Welfare: Narratives, Indicators and Concepts in Changing European Welfare Societies

The University of Southern Denmark invites applications for three positions as Assistant Professor and two positions as Postdoc within the project NICE Welfare, with appointment from February 15, 2014.

Jobs Hailer Shows Job Ads Recruitment And VacanciesNICE Welfare is a newly established interdisciplinary research project that seeks to examine connections between welfare concepts, narratives and indicators. The common point of departure is the perceived mismatch between the principal social narratives, welfare concepts and the welfare indicators used. A number of radical social changes, such as globalization, individualization, immigration, demographic changes, etc., mean that there is a need for rethinking what ‘the good life’ is, the relationship between state and society as well as between citizenship and participation. The aim is to contribute to creating a more qualified research basis for solving the major social challenges that face us. This is done through empirical examinations of the relationships between narratives, concepts, indicators and social experiences in a multi-disciplinary setting, addressing the same issues from a variety of theoretical and methodological approaches.

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One of the five positions offered is a 3-year Assistant professorship in Political Science or Social Sciences with a special focus on the construction and use of welfare indicators. Applicants are expected to have a PhD in Social Science and to have demonstrated research competences within the following areas:

• Indicators on social and health welfare and well-being
• Conceptualization and measurement
• Construction and test of indicators
• Assessment of data sources
• Comparative methodology

The position is linked to the Department of Political Science and Public Management in Odense. For more detailed information about the Department of Political Science and Public Management, please go to:

For more detailed information about the position, please contact Professor Jon Kvist,

All five positions will, in addition to being situated within their respective departments, be linked to the Centre for Welfare State Research:

The deadline is 15 November 2013.