Welfare in an Independent Scotland

The Scottish government has set down a group of experts to investigate the possibility of making a new welfare system after Scotland may gain independence by a popular vote in 2014. The first expert group of experts recommended a transition period from the UK system to a genuine Scottish system. I have been appointed to the new ExpertImage Working Group on Welfare in an Independent Scotland who has the task of setting out principles, policies, cost and delivery of a new Scottish welfare system. After our first meeting Monday discussing principles in welfare policy I am confident we will be able to deliver a good report by early Spring 2014.

Click for more information on the working group and for the referendum in 2014.

PS The Panda is from Edinburgh Zoo where they just had panda cubs. As a Scottish joke goes: “there are now more pandas in Scotland than Conservative MPs.” Interesting what this may mean for Scottish welfare policies in years to come, also when compared to the situation south of the border.