NICE Welfare!

We won. Our proposal for an unconventional research project generator “NICE Welfare – Narratives, Indicators and Concepts in Changing European Welfare Societies” won a large SDU 2020 grant.

European welfare is at a crossroads. The purpose of NICE Welfare is to locate, analyze and in some instances remedy mismatching, misrepresenting and misleading narratives, indicators and concepts. An investigation of this nature must be based on scholarship that creates an exchange between disciplines, theories and methods. To be able to understand the challenges facing European Welfare we need different disciplines to illuminate empirical material encompassing public information material, patient guidelines, surveys, statistics, artistic texts, media products etc. NICE focuses its analyses of this data on three main themes: “Life course and wellbeing”, “Democracy and citizenship”, and “State and society” that cover essential perspectives on the welfare state. From these perspectives the researchers study mismatches in three major life events: family, health and ageing. It is the goal of the project to examine the main thesis of the severe mismatches and provide answers that can assist welfare institutions, welfare providers, experts, politicians and citizens create 2020 European Welfare.