Sold out

Coming from many different academic background forty graduate students (plus a handful of post-grad journalists) enlisted for this Autumn’s thematic seminar on Citizens, Welfare and Society. We will examine issues related to: Welfare and well-being; The Danish welfare model in a European perspective; Families, gender and children; Taxes, work and labour; Migration, integration and welfare politics; Aging, pensions, care and health; Poverty, inequality and social mobility; and, The European debt crisis, EMU and national welfare reforms. Half of the teaching will take place in a brand-new project theater (the flagship of SDU) giving new possibilities in teaching and the other half in two tiny lecture rooms where one in three students cannot get a table and chair… I look forward to use the possibilities of the project theater and hope that the tiny lecture rooms will not deter students from coming. In any case, real policy events like the Budget 2012, social and labour market reforms, the coming report from the Poverty Research Commission plus the on-going debt crisis are just some of the developments that will make this seminar relevant and a joy to teach!